FIERA is born to make reality one of those recurring ideas that arise as a curiosity and become, little by little, without making much noise, in an uncontrollable passion. A hope. A non-negotiable truth that clings to the chest and accompanies us daily.

FIERA is an illusion that materializes and, beyond the topic, means personal revelation, professional maturity and intimate pride. Because each of the pieces that make up our collections reflect the values of real people and the lessons they inspire.

A ray of sun, charged with renewing energy, gathers and symbolizes the spirit of overcoming and the tenacity with which we face the present and draw the future.

With the same power of the stars, each jewel, choker, earring or ring is designed, cast and molded with care and true affection. With the nobility of pure silver, bathed in regal gold and culminated in fantasy, through stones, crystals and colored zircons.

I’m Gloria Medina, founder of FIERA GALLERY, in love with the jewels, the amulets and the promises they keep. Witness of daily feats, apprentice of generations of survivors, of men and women who, like wild beasts, strive every day to flourish.

Today I reveal my best kept secret, today I share with you this dream come true. Now nothing can stop us, now no one can turn us off. Don’t forget, you’ve come to shine.

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